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ATTAC is a French acronym for "Association pour la Taxation des Transactions Financières et pour l'Action Citoyenne”

(Eng.: Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizen's Action)

It was born in 1998 to mobilize against the increasing domination of finance.

Attac Ontario supports the Altermondial meme: 

Another World is Possible

With friends and partners worldwide, Attac Ontario is committed to fight for the overturn of the new feudalism. 

In its place we must create a progressive and transparent society with fair and sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Founding Documents

"Disarming the Markets”. Editorial in Le Monde Diplomatique by Ignacio Ramonets, Dec. 1997. This ignited the conversations that lead to the founding of ATTAC.

Platform of the International Movement ATTAC. Adopted December 11-12, 1998.

"The Essence of Neoliberalism. The Utopia of Endless Exploitation.” Article in Le Monde Diplomatique by Pierre Bourdieu, December 1998. During the late 20th century, the writings of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu heavily influenced European critical discourses, and his ideas were also influenced the eaarly Attac conversations.

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