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Freeschool in Alexandra Park

Summer 2012
June 10th: A Play in the Fields of Athabasca’s Tar Sands  pdf
June 10th: References to Play pdf

Workshops in Steelworkers Hall

Winter - Spring 2013
Jan15th: Fair Economy and Democracy for the 99% keynote  pdf
Jan22nd: Think Globally, Act Locally: the Samsoe story  keynote  pdf
Jan 29th: On the Anthropology of Money and Gift Exchanges keynote  pdf
Feb 5th: Facets of the Origin of Banks and Money Creation keynote  pdf
Feb12th: Markets, Trade and the Development of Cities keynote  pdf
Feb19th: Can You See Climate Change from Here? keynote  pdf
Feb26th: Crises and the Accumulation of Capital  keynote  pdf
Mar 19th: Capitalist Accumulation: From Great Depression to Great Reccession keynote  pdf
Mar 26th: The Corruption of Power and the Economy for the Few keynote  pdf
Apr 2nd: Economic Anthropology as Meta Science  keynote  pdf
Apr 9th: Pierre Bourdieu and the Concept of Doxa  keynote  pdf
Apr 16th: Evolution of Coinage and Commerce  keynote  pdf
Apr 23rd: People‚Äôs Movements - For Social and Economic Change  keynote  pdf
Apr 30th: Accumulation in Monopolistically Competitive Markets  keynote  pdf
May7th: International Trade under Corporate Globalization  keynote  pdf
May14th: Occupy Tomorrow with Your Words and Power of the Creative  keynote  pdf
June 4th: The Kula Ring. On Culture and Economy in Kiriwina  keynote  pdf
June 11th: Doxa and Canadian Politics  keynote  pdf

Summer - Fall 2013
June 18th: Modern Money Theory, an Overview  keynote  pdf
July 16th: It's all About the Money  keynote  pdf
July 30th: Walmart and Globalization  keynote  pdf
Sep. 3rd: The Corporate System of International Economic Relations  keynote  pdf
Sep. 10th: Canadian Kabuki and the Loss of Democracy.  keynote  pdf
Oct. 1st:: How Failed Policies of Austerity keeps us Locked in the Carbon Economy   keynote  pdf
Oct. 29th: The Peekaboo Game of Corporate Tax Avoidance   keynote  pdf
Nov. 26th: The Nature of Economic Information   keynote  pdf
Dec. 10th: Social Evolution and Development of Economic Institutions  keynote  pdf

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Winter - Spring 2014
Jan 7th: Economic Value and Utility keynote  pdf
Jan 21st: Monopolistic Competition and Determination of Prices and Wages keynote  pdf
Feb 4th: The Unscientific Science of Economics keynote  pdf
Feb 18th: A Better World or More of the Same keynote  pdf
Mar 4th: Money and Banking in a Sustainable Economy keynote  pdf
Mar 18th: The Nexus between Economic and Political Power keynote  pdf
Mar 31th: The Social Cost of the Carbon Economy keynote  pdf
Apr 14th: The Political Aspect of Money Creation keynote  pdf
Apr 30th: Macroeconomics in a Marxian Perspective keynote  pdf
May 12th: Doxa and the Sociology of Misconceptions keynote  pdf
May 26th: Cost of Capital and Value Concepts keynote  pdf
June 9th: The Corporate Destruction of the Public keynote  pdf

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Summer - Fall 2014
July 7th: The Hubris of Libertarian Economics keynote  pdf
Sep 16th: Capital Accumulation in the 21st Century keynote  pdf
Oct 14th: In the Season of Financial Vultures keynote  pdf
Oct 28th: The Socio-Economic Meaning of Debt keynote  pdf
Nov 11th: On the Scandinavian Model keynote  pdf

Winter - Spring 2015
Jan 6th: Harper's Canada: Economy and Democracy Adrift keynote  pdf
Jan 20th: The Market Uber Alles, or The Free Rider Syndrome Redux keynote  pdf
Feb 10th: Competition and Politics in the Digital Age keynote  pdf
March 3rd: Greece and the Political Economy of Debt Colonization keynote  pdf
Mar 17th: Marx and the Question of Monetizing the Surplus keynote  pdf
Apr 29th: Canada's Choice: Investing in the Future or Padding the Pockets of the Rich keynote  pdf

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