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  Themes related to Climate Change

Freeschool in Alexandra Park

June 10, 2012: A Play in the Fields of Athabasca’s Tar Sands  pdf
* References to Play pdf

Workshops in Steelworkers Hall

Jan 22, 2013: Think Globally, Act Locally: the Samsoe story  keynote  pdf

Feb 19, 2013: Can You See Climate Change from Here? keynote  pdf

May 14, 2013: Occupy Tomorrow with Your Words and Power of the Creative keynote  pdf

Oct 1, 2013: How Failed Policies of Austerity keeps us Locked in the Carbon Economy   keynote  pdf

Feb 18, 2014: A Better World or More of the Same keynote  pdf

Mar 31, 2014: The Social Cost of the Carbon Economy keynote  pdf

June 9, 2014: The Corporate Destruction of the Public keynote  pdf